Hi, I’m Laurence Stokes and I’m a Fullstack Software Developer. I’ve made this blog/site/ to document my adventures in the realm of software development, computer security, and any other computer science related topics that may pique my interest in the future. I may also post other stuff on here too; I’m currently undecided of the direction I want to take with it.

Before becoming a “professional” Software Developer I studied Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Of course, it should go without staying, but all of the opinions and suchlike expressed herein are my own and not that of my employer/past employers/past employer’s cat.

Contact me

You may reach me via the following email, or on any of the social links in the site footer if you are so inclined. If you want to use PGP my key is also provided (with verification) below and can also be found on Keybase

Email: (personal): loz (at) lozstokes (dot) co (dot) uk

PGP Key: 0x71bde1e6 Verification



Listed below are some of the libraries, resources, and individuals to whom I owe my thanks in creating this blog:



Jquery Terminal